Illegal immigrants cost more than they pay

May 19, 2009                                                                                            Win a green card Subscribe in a reader

Iím glad Lloyd Pohl finds what I write interesting. I don’t know who’s letter he was referring to in last week’s paper. Lloyd is concerned about homeless people. I’m sure many of the homeless do deserve help. Most reports cite mental illness and drug addiction as problems they face. If Lloyd were to google "homeless" he would find an un-ending list of charitable organizations where people can "share the wealth" willingly. I only oppose government intervention. I guess Lloyd missed that point. With this in mind, perhaps he can rest easier without having to wonder how much money I make or share.

Lloyd has singled me out as someone who needs an additional tax burden. Iím not anywhere near "that $250 grand a year class." I must assume that he feels the same way about those who are. They would be the small business owners who are job creators and the backbone of our economy. I find it odd that Lloyd would vilify others for wanting to earn more money, but thinks it would ”be nice“ if he could.

I must admit that non-productive was a poor choice of words, but I’m pretty sure most people know where my comments were directed. Some people have the ability to help out, but choose not to, because they know others will do for them. All the talk about sharing the wealth, how about sharing the load?

Penny Fattig thinks illegal immigrants are productive. Many are, but I would ask for whom. I have no problem with them coming here to work. It’s not that simple. Even the illegals that pay taxes take out $3 in benefits for every $1 they pay in. A U.S. General Accounting Office report states that in 1995, $1.13 billion in benefits were provided to illegal alien parents for the well-being of their U.S. born children. Illegal population has tripled since that report. Mark Levin’s book "Liberty & Tyranny" (now six weeks #1 NYT bestseller list, $17 Wal-mart) has a chapter on immigration that is the most informative writing I have read on the subject.

Nationally, Hispanic students account for nearly 60% of increases in public school attendance (Gary Fritch tells us that’s $8,405 per student). Our prisons are full of illegals. Our hospitals are over-run, driving up Pennyís health care costs.

Nowhere are these problems more full-blown than in Lloydís state of California. His constituents elect representatives who are so eager to create legislation enabling the influx of illegals (pandering for their vote) that they have bankrupted their state. That would be fine but for the fact that they expect their tens of billions in debt to be bailed out by the rest of us. Gee, thanks Lloyd. They send representatives of the same mindset to Washington to spread the insanity nationwide.

We are experiencing an immigration problem here in Gothenburg also. Homeless, free-loading geese have invaded Lake Helen. Weíre talking about shooting them.

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