Illegal immigrants take resources from U.S. citizens

April 28, 2009                                                                                        Win a green card Subscribe in a reader

The Washington state Legislature, in blatant disregard to the financial limitations of its own citizens, has already guaranteed taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition to those who have no legal right to live in the country. Considering many permanent residents and citizens in this country cannot afford tuition, this payout forgoes the needs of legal residents.

Washington House Bill 1079 has been in existence for six years. At the Federal level, a bill titled the DREAM Act is circulating through Congress. This act promises residency and eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants who have lived in the U.S. for five years and plan on attending college.

What the act does not spell out is the amount it would cost this nation. If the country can afford to send 13,000 illegal immigrants to college, why not spend the money for 13,000 American citizens instead? This act also fails to mention the amount in back taxes illegal immigrants owe.

There are certainly some illegal immigrants who have strong potential, but at the same time thousands of similarly gifted college-aged residents are not receiving the same attention. These residents whose parents paid their taxes and possibly more to their country deserve the first look at any financial aid. Unfortunately, if those same parents are out of a job, any temporary replacement labor may already be occupied.

Previously, immigration was linked to the need for jobs. At the turn of the 20th century, immigrants left Europe to find a better life in the burgeoning U.S. economy. As Americans are painfully aware, the labor market does not need any new influx of workers. Many unskilled labor jobs, vitally important in a shrinking labor market, are occupied by illegal immigrants.

There is a clear advantage for illegal immigrants over legal workers for someone who needs labor. The employer has absolute bargaining power over the migrant worker whereas any legal resident may unionize and fight for better conditions. Because of this, legal workers are not in demand for these jobs.

Because some income earned by illegal immigrants is sent back to their home country, the economy often does not keep the money. In a recession, money leaving the economy is the last thing this nation needs. Even with that, laws are being created to help illegal immigrants in their search for jobs. Home Depot stores in California are now required to have restrooms and other facilities available for any illegal immigrants that gather looking for work.

Jobs and college may seem unrelated, however, taken together, the result is a disturbing trend. All across the nation services are being cut and tuition hiked for legal residents, while for illegal immigrants, the opposite is happening.

While it would be nice for everyone to get what they need, we live in a world where there are limited resources. With that in mind, those who pay their dues to their country must come before those who do not, and the others deserve kind treatment in their detainment and a one way ticket.

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