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Should Napolitano focus on protecting U.S. or Mexico?

May 5, 2009                                                                                            Win a green card Subscribe in a reader

Janet Napolitano (Dept. of Homeland Security)

An Iowa Congressman is outraged that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is more concerned about stopping legally-made U.S. guns from entering Mexico than she is about stopping illegal drugs and illegal aliens from penetrating the United States from Mexico. As the ranking Republican on the Immigration Sub-committee, Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) says he is not prepared to join other members of Congress who are calling for Napolitano's resignation. Nonetheless, he admits he is outraged at the recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo that singled out members of the military and supporters of conservative causes as potential domestic terrorists.

Steve King

He also admits displeasure with the direction the DHS has taken on the immigration enforcement front. "Worksite enforcement is suspended. The resources have been redirected to the border. They're being used to intercept legal U.S. guns before they go south into Mexico," King explains. "And this administration has had top-level people repeat the same falsehood, which is that 90 percent of the guns used in violent crimes in Mexico come from the UnitedStates. That's not true. It's never been true, but the real number is something like 17 percent."

King believes stopping guns from going south is not likely to change the violence in Mexico. He believes that DHS, instead, should clamp down on drugs and illegal aliens coming into the U.S. as well as resume worksite enforcement raids that had been effective before their suspension.

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