The J-1 Visa for Summer Work/ Travel

The Summer Work and Travel category of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program provides working holiday opportunities for successful applicants to work during their summer vacation and also to travel and experience life in the U.S. thereby contributing to personal and professional growth.


Applicants to the The Summer Work/Travel category of the J-1 Visa program must satisfy all of the following conditions. They must be:

  • Foreign nationals who are post-secondary school students
  • Actively pursuing a degree or other full time Course of study at an accredited educational institution such as a university or college in their home country
  • Enrolled at that educational institution and registered for a full-time course load for the semester following their participation in a summer work/ travel stay
  • Proficient in English language at an appropriate level.

Length of the J-1 Visa program

J-1 Visas issued in the Summer Work/ Travel category are valid for a stay of four months. Extensions are not permitted.

Limitations of the J-1 Visa program

Participants may not be employed as domestic employees or in positions that require them to invest their own money for door-to-door sales.

How can help?

By enlisting the services of our US Attorney, will help applicants with the J-1 Visa application process, by answering any questions, helping to obtain the visa and preparing the necessary documents for the US Embassy interview.

The processing time is typically 4-6 weeks. Obviously, it may take a longer or a shorter period of time depending on how quickly the applicant and the host family provide the attorney with all the necessary materials and information. Please CONTACT US NOW to request our assistance with your J-1 Visa application

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