USA Green Card Lottery Testimonies

Here are a few of the winners that fulfilled their American dream through USA Diversity Lottery Services and wanted to share their story with you.

DV2026 green card diversity lottery

"I am so thrilled to be a winner in the USA Diversity Lottery. Australia is often referred to as America’s 51st state due to its cultural and economic influence on our country - and now the USA Diversity Lottery has made it my reality that I can live and work in the US.
I am so thankful for the personalised consultation and support offered by the USA Diversity Lottery customer service. Throughout the near two year process, I remained in touch with the same customer service representative - he (figuratively) held my hand the whole way. His tips and adivce as well encouragement has been invaluable and a fantastic introduction to my impressions of the US. I congratulate the USA Diversity Lottery on its level of professional, friendly and helpful service." ---- Caroline - Australia

USA Diversity Lottery all the way....

"About 6.3 million applications, only 100,000 are eligible for a Green Card but only 55,000 will ever get it...We were picked as 23,000!!! Proud, Happy, Overwhelmed with Joy...No word could qualify the level of our happiness!!! Yes, you have to believe in the green card lottery program but not on your own, with the assistance of USA Diversity Lottery. Although we live and work in Canada, enjoy the North American way of life but nothing can replace a life in the U.S., the land of opportunity, the super power nation in the world. If you want to leverage this Green Card Lottery program, be sure that you are doing it in the timely fashion dictated by the program’s rules and regulations, put all of the chances to win on your side and enjoy a worry free waiting period for the results, I would strongly recommend USA Diversity Lottery’s professional, outstanding efficiency, support and friendly services. It is without questions the best way for your dream to establish in the U.S. to hire this firm all the way...Good Luck." ---- Drom family - Ottawa, Canada

Thank you so much USA Diversity Lottery

"I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I was the lucky winner of USA Diversity Lottery program. I received the letter on my birthday and hurried to inform my wife. We have never won anything before. It is a great pleasure for us. We have already informed our friends about the diversity lottery program and will recommend to register with USA Diversity Lottery." ---- Aleksandre Bitte - Riga, Lativa

"So, it is a wonderful news, when I receive a letter I was very very happy and now my conclusions is that USA Diversity Lottery is a serious company and I didn’t expect to win in the green card lottery, I think you are the best and I recommend you to all my friends. Thanks to god and USA Diversity lottery! I think they will make a good choice by choosing USA Diversity Lottery, the need to have trust at USA Diversity Lottery and I think that I am a lucky winner because I believe in USA Diversity Lottery." ---- Loredana Neacsu - Pitesty, Romania

I Won a Green Card in the DV Lottery

"Basically-over the moon. A dream come true. Months of anxious waiting coming to to an end. A light at the end of the tunnel and a flicker of hope to fulfill personal aspirations. Go for it! If you wanted a good future for you and your family in the United States, just do it. Registering with the USA Diversity Lottery is the way forward." ---- Abesish Chandi - Suva, Fiji

Win a Green Card in the DV Lottery

"I felt absolutely fantastic. I have been selected for continuing the process. It is definitely beneficial to use the services of USA Diversity Lottery. I am very pleased with their professional conduct." ---- Aniki Karinna Jakola - Finland

Win a Green Card in the DV Lottery

"I was nervous when I removed the envelope from the letterbox however after opening I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw "congratulations". I phoned my sister in New Zealand and a friend to inform them - they were thrilled for me as they both know how much I would love to live in the USA. If you are like me and have always wanted to live in the USA I would definitely recommend you registered with USA Diversity Lottery . They are very professional, helpful and most important legitimate! They even replied to my enquiry emails!!! Good Luck." ---- Mary MacLay - Rotorua, New Zealand

"Very thrilled and exicted. It was unexpected, but I am glad that I did apply. I highly recommend it. It’s worth taking a chance." ---- Riad Azzami - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What a gift, thanks USA Diversity Lottery

"I am very lucky that I won Green Card Lottery. I would say that it is an opportunity to move to other country and to start a new life." ---- Rinuldis Basinskashi - Marijapole, Lithuania

I won!!!!!

"I felt lucky. I was the happiest man in the world, seeing an opportunity at the same moment for better life for me and my family. I would say "go for it" apply using National Visa Registry and try your luck." ---- Jonci Jakovski - Kratovo, Macedonia

I won!!!!! Thanks USA Diversity Lottery

"I was over the sky when I learned by e-mail from USA Diversity Lottery about having won the lottery. I immediately informed my wife and my friends back home about it. Everybody was very happy for me. USA Diversity Lottery is a very good partner. I would very highly recommend everybody to register with USA Diversity Lottery because it’s real possibility to be a winner. Effectively it’s the best way and the right thing to do to get green card visas by applying with USA Diversity Lottery. Many thanks to USA Diversity Lottery. " ---- Malli Moustaphas - Dakar, Senegal

Thanks you USA Diversity Lottery for all your assistance

"At first it was like denial. I just could not believe it! Then, obviously, I felt Joy. I feel very fortunate to have an opportunity like this to receive a green card. Of course I recommend it!! I seems like an impossible thing to obtain give the amount of people participating but it is definitely worth the chance." ---- Aranzazus Menendezz - Aviles, Spain

I Love USA Diversity Lottery

"Couldn’t believe it! Had to read the letter about 6 times it was a few days before it had sank in, all I ever wanted since a holyday in New York 2 years ago was to return and live there and now that dream is very close to reality. You’ve got to be in to win! This is probably one of the best opportunities of your life." ---- Jullie Ann Snudgras - Wellington, New Zealand

"I was very happy when I heard about it because the wish of me and my family was always to live in America. Yes, I would recommend to register with USA Diversity Lottery." ---- Zoran Jovcevski - S. Velgosti, Macedonia

Thanks you USA Diversity Lottery for all your assistance

"I was overjoyed and thanked god for the lottery victory which I received while in a party. I would urge anyone to join and recommend that they continue applying and register with National Visa Registry" ---- Henry Auno Ojoka - Homa Bay, Kenya

Thanks you USA Diversity Lottery for my green card

"I felt very fortunate as it opens the possibility of obtaining an immigrant visa (green card) to the United States, meaning at the same time a wold of oppertunities to reach an American Dream. I would sincerely recommend joining the Diversity Vis Lottery program and to registry with the USA Diversity Lottery to any person wishing to receive an immigrant visa to the United States" ---- Patricius Briceni - Caracas Venezuela

Best Firm ever, USA Diversity Lottery

"First I couldn’t believe I am the one who has got that big luck. It was like a beautiful dream. It is hard to explain how delighted I was. That was my biggest luck in my whole life. I can certainly recommend USA Diversity Lottery to everyone who are thinkign about it, because this can be your life chance. You can see new country, new culture, meet new people and the most important get lots of useful experience." ---- Bohuslavi Houpy - Trecin, Slovakia

USA Diversity Lottery took care of me

"Confirming that I was one of the Lucky winners of the Lottery was one of the most greatest miracle I got from God this year. The glory returns to God, and now I feel very excited of this. I informed my friends and my parents who had earlier thought that I had wasted my time. I used to tell them to be patient until it has now happened, and indeed it is my first time to become a lucky winner. Definitely, the best way to get green card visas I believe is by joining with USA Diversity Lottery, it is possible to be a winner. I highly recommend them because, I have been satisfied with the services of USA Diversity Lottery. USA Diversity Lottery kept communicating to me and I was aware of whatever was taking place up to the time of my winning. I strongly believe that through USA Diversity Lottery, is a great opportunity to go to America and pursue studies or career." ---- Kywalabye Macony - Kampala, Uganda

USA Diversity Lottery made this easy

"I was over the moon about having won the lottery. I informed my friends and my family back home about it. I would tell them to be patient and YES, I would recommend them to register with USA Diversity Lottery." ---- Daniel Kearbengi - Johannesburg, Botswana

USA Diversity Lottery helped me all the way

"When I receive your letter, I was very happy. I can’t describe how I feel but now I know that USA Diversity Lottery is the best one in the United States of America and I thank you for all." ---- Nabil Bouraeda - Media, Morocco

USA Diversity Lottery helped me and my family all the way

"I couldn’t believe myself that my dream has come true to provide my family with a healthy environment where they can have better education and opportunities for their future. I would tell everyone to go for it and they might be lucky. I would definately recommend them to register with USA Diversity Lottery." ---- Linu Sollimann - Cairo, Egypt

Register for the USA Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery

"Knowing that I was one of the lucky winners of this lottery, was one of the most important news I received this year. Right now I feel very excited about this. Of course, joining the diversity visa program with USA Diversity Lottery is a great opportunity to go to America (Land of Opportunities), where you can perfection your studies or career." ---- Maiuro Alfonzo - Montevideo, Uruguay

I Love USA Diversity Lottery

"I was very excited & surprised. I wasn’t expected to win this fast. Thanks to USA Diversity Lottery! My dream has come true. I recommend everyone to contact USA Diversity Lottery right away. I gave them the website and explained how easy it was to apply through USA Diversity Lottery. I already told several friends of mine and my sister and they are very excited about it." ---- Eltyj Pangiaya - Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

I Love USA Diversity Lottery

"I feel very happy and thankful to god for this luck!! This program is really good opportunity to get real chance to come to United States and to improve your life and USA Diversity Lottery helps to get that goal." ---- Vadim Gennadyevich Goncharenko - Konstantinovka, Russia

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