Only one week left to enter the DV2011 Green Card Lottery

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Registration Deadline is Approaching fast

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Do not leave you Green Card registration to the last moment. In the past, towards the end of the entry period the US Goverment servers have not been able to cope with the high level of demand by applicants for the Green Card Lottery and has frequently crashed. If this happens you will not be able to apply for this year’s diversity visa green card lottery and will have to wait a year before you can apply again.

Obtain a U.S. Green Card without any form of sponsorship

Some people can obtain a US Green Card without any form of sponsorship by participate in the US Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery which is held each year. Between October 3 and November 30, 2009 the US State Department have in effect the 2009 Diversity Visa Green Card (DV2011) Lottery program.

This is a green card lottery where applications from all over the world are received so that the applicants can be considered for a US Green Card. Not everyone in the world is eligible to enter the green card lottery, click on the following link to take a test to determine if you are eligible to enter the green card lottery: Green Card Eligibility Test.

If you were born in a country that is permitted to apply for the diversity visa green card lottery, what should you do? You apply on line at The application requires a small fee and requires that the applicant complete all the biographical information and the applicant must provide or upload an electronic/digital photograph to include with the application for each individual on the green card lottery application. The digital photograph requirements are very strict, approximatly 30% of all aplicants get disqualified due to their photograp not meeting the strict requirements. The photograph must have been taken within the last six (6) months and must be similar to a passport photograph, customarily 2 inches high by 2 inches wide of the head and shoulders, no jewelry, and straight faced, for details see Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery Photo Requirements.

Enter the Green Card Lottery. 55,000 Green Cards Must Go Each Year. Let us help you reach your dream of becoming an American resident today!

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DV2025 diversity visa lottery

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Green Card Test

USA Diversity Green Card Test

Take the free test to see if you qualify. If you do, apply for the USA Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery here on the Official USA Diversity Lottery site and your dreams may soon come true. 55,000 diversity immigrant visas (Green Cards) available in the lottery every year. Take the free test NOW!

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Only one week left to enter the DV2011 Green Card Lottery

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Obtain a U.S. Green Card without any form of sponsorship