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Have you ever wondered what the chance of winning in the USA Green Card Lottery is? If so, then our green card lottery odds calculator will give you the answer. The calculator displays the DV-Lottery year, country of chargeability, number of applicants, number of spouses and children, the total number (applicants plus spouses and children) and the winner odds. The DV-Lottery winner odds is the chance of winning the DV-Lottery that a person from the selected country has.

If you would like to know what your chances are of winning in the green card lottery, please use our green card lottery odds calculator below to learn your exact chance of winning:
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The DV-2013 green card lottery had a few interesting statistics: 30 percent of all applicants came from Nigeria and the chance of winning having been born in this country, was only 0.32 percent as a result. People born in the following six countries had the highest chance of winning a green card in the DV-2013 green card lottery: Tokelau with a 24.14 percent chance, Nauru with a 10.37 percent chance, Tuvalu 9.68 percent, Faroe Islands with a 8.57 percent chance, New Zealand with a 6.9 percent chance and Australia with a 5.71 percent chance of winning.

Double Your Chances of Winning in the Green Card Lottery

A married applicant can double the above noted chances of winning by entering the green card lottery twice, also know as a Husband/Wife application where the husband submits an application once and includes his wife and children under 21 years and his wife submits an application including her husband and children under 21 years of age. Thus, now they have two applications in the draw and if any of the two applications gets selected they all win. Therefore, being from Tokelau and submitting a Husband/Wife application would make the chances of winning in the green card lottery 48.28 percent, i.e. statistically that means that if a married couple from Tokelau entered the green card lottery two years in a row, they would statistically be 100 percent certain in winning in the green card lottery, where the chance of winning the first year is the same as the chance of winning the second year.

Green Card Lottery Winner Statistics

Currently we have only published the DV-2013 green card lottery chances of winning statistics. We will be extending the calculator to include the DV-2012, DV-2011, DV-2010, DV-2009, DV-2008 and DV-2007 lottery statistics in the near future, at which time we will include a new feature that will display how the green card lottery chances of winning has changed over time for each country, as well as, how the number of applicants from that particular country has changed. Please check back in the near future if you are interested in these green card lottery winner statistics.

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One of the selection criteria for selecting the winners in the random computer generated draw is that no country can win more than 7% of the total number of visas allocated for that year, i.e. no country can receive more than 3,500 diversity lottery visas.

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